Conferenza “The Renaissance Society of America Virtual 2021” (The 67th Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America (Virtual) (

Panel: (Mis)Reading the Past: Medieval and Renaissance Political Terms and Their Modern Meaning

Panel Monitor: Sean David Erwin (Barry University)

Luisa Brotto (Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences), “Frangenti fidem fides frangitur”: Bodin, Gentili, Bruno, and Civic Trust”

Natasha Piano (University of Chicago), “Guicciardini’s Dare: Uomini da bene, Uomini savi, and the Dialogo’s Re-Branding of Aristocratic Republicanism”

Andrea Polegato (California State University, Fresno), “Prudence and Virtue in Machiavelli’s Administrative Letters”

Diego Lazzarich (University of Campania “Vanvitelli”), “Bonds of Gratitude and Political Order”